In an attempt to avoid musical tautologies, six young men read from The Funkinomicon and unwittingly awoke an impossibly ancient being from between all known cosmic dimensions. It's name was Funk-Jazzaroth and thus ushered in the Skapocalypse.

Featuring a combination of sometimes frantic, occasionally laid back drumming with deep Jazz and Funk basslines. We have Guitar and keys mixing cosmic soundscapes with up-beat Ska rhythms and funked up licks. Horns Bring us mesmerising melodies and hypnotic harmonies with a liberal dose of soulful solos. Finally the vocals add the final touch with the lyrics ranging from the topical, to the fantastical and seemingly nonsensical

So, allow these heralds of the Old Funked One to splinter your mind with their H.P. Funkraftian sonic grooves.


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